Joseph Breidenbach
I was arrested for a DUI. I blew into the breath testing machine two times and I blew .218 and .213. This was the first time I had ever been in trouble. I was pretty nervous about the whole thing. A friend of mine told me to call Joe. Despite that fact that I had more than two and a half times the legal limit Joe was still able get the DUI charge amended to Reckless Driving and we won at the Department of Licensing Hearing. This made things a lot better for me and best of all I did not have to go to Jail. Wow! Thanks Joe.
Joseph Breidenbach
I got a DUI. I refused the take the breath test. The prosecutor wanted me to plead guilty as charged. The prosecutor wanted me to serve 3 days in jail. I told Mr. Breidenbach I wanted to plead guilty to the DUI. I thought it was hopeless. Joe kept telling me that he thought we should fight it and that we should go to trial unless we got a much better offer. I was worried about what would happen if I did not plead guilty like the prosecuting attorney wanted but I followed Joe’s advice.
The prosecutor finally offered to amend the DUI charge to Negligent Driving in the First Degree and I did not have to go to jail. I am very happy. Even though I thought it was hopeless Joe fought for me. Joe got me a much better deal than I ever expected.
Joseph Breidenbach
I was charged with 2nd Degree Assault DV in King County Superior Court. The judge issued a warrant for $75,000.00 for my arrest. Thank god my parents were able to get a bail bondsman to bail me out of jail after just a few hours. After being in jail for a few hours I knew that I never wanted to go back.
The only attorney that we knew was Marie White who was doing a great job handling my divorce. Marie told us (my parents and I) that we needed serious help and to call Joe. Marie told us that a conviction for any DV charge would have meant that I would have had no chance of getting child custody and a real disaster in more ways than we could count. We ended up hiring Mr. Breidenbach and, to make a long story short, he got the charges against me dismissed. No Jail, no fine, no probation, no nothing.
My parents and I worked on this review together. This is what we think. Joe is dedicated. He is honest, reliable, and intelligent. He knows the law and how to interpret it so that we were able to have a clear understanding of the law and his actions as he moved through my case. His resources are many and he utilizes them as needed to his client’s benefit.
Mr. Breidenbach did all that to represent me and my best interests. He kept us all well informed. Sometimes that meant giving information, that as a client, was tough to hear, i.e. the ramifications of the charges, both the worst case scenario and the best. When he speaks you need to listen because he knows what he is talking about.
Our personal experience with Mr. Breidenbach brought tears and laughter. Serious moments and casual moments. He worked tirelessly to serve us to the best of his ability and was able to obtain the results we desired. Our family respects Mr. Breidenbach as a lawyer and as a gentleman. You won’t receive better council than you would from Mr. Breidenbach. He is the lawyer you want on your team.
Joseph Breidenbach
After I was charged with Reckless Endangerment-domestic Violence my friend told me about Mr. Breidenbach. My friend said that he was a good attorney and he was right. Mr. Breidenbach listened, he was understanding and most important, he got the charge against me dismissed.
Joseph Breidenbach
Over the span of my DUI case, watching Joe work inspired my confidence. He thoroughly and continually reviewed the case from all sides and kept me readily informed on its progress. In court he was clear, concise and businesslike while maintain just the right amount of charm.
When it looked as if we would be forced to go to trial, he methodically gathered information to help m;y cause, including finding an expert witness to report and testify on my behalf. I believe presenting this information to the prosecutor helped persuade her to offer a much lesser charge. And all this came at a reasonable cost.
I was not convicted of a DUI. I did not lose my license. I did not need to get SR-22 Insurance. I did not have to have an ignition interlock. I did not go to jail. If your are in trouble on a DUI, consult with Joe Breidenbach. You won’t regret it.
Joseph Breidenbach
Joe beat the machine. Let me tell you my story. I got stopped in Burien on July 4th because I was throwing fire crackers out of my car window when I was driving on 4th Avenue Southwest. I also had an open can of beer in my car. The police officer stopped me because of the fireworks but I ended up being arrested and charged with a DUI in King County District Court.
Sometime earlier that year I heard some of my coworkers talking how many Boeing workers that Joe had represented. One coworker was joking that Joe should have a slogan that said, “Joseph A. Breidenbach, representing drunk Boeing workers for the last 40 years.” I laughed at this at the time. I never thought that I would ever get into that kind of trouble. I was wrong.
By the time I got my DUI I had forgotten all about what my coworkers had said about Joe. I did not know who to hire so I started doing research on the internet and while doing my Google research I recognized his name and ended up going to his website at and I decided that he was the attorney for me.
I should mention that I blew into the breath testing machine twice and I blew .16 and .17 which is over twice the legal limit.
He won the DOL hearing for me. That was great. Later, the prosecutor offered to reduce the charges so that I would have not had to go to jail for so long but Joe said that he did not think that the offer from the prosecutor was good enough. We turned it down.
Originally I was charged with a DUI with a BAC of over .15. The prosecutor threatened to add the additional charge for the Illegal Use Of Fireworks if the case went to trial. Joe still thought that we should turn down the prosecutor’s offer and not be intimidated by his threats.
Joe said that he thought that we should take the case to trial and that is exactly what we did. We went to trial and we got an acquittal on the fireworks charge but we ended up with a hung jury on the DUI.
The King County Prosecutor was still not willing to make us a better offer so we ended up going to trial again. The trial ended today: NOT GUILTY.
So, long story short. We WON on the Illegal Use Of Fireworks Charge. We WON on the DUI charge. We won at the DOL hearing. We lost at… well, we did lose some small battles along the way but, in the end, we won the war.
I want to add that when Joe goes to court he is VERY well prepared and it really shows. So If you got a DUI go to and get Joe.
Joseph Breidenbach
I really appreciate you taking the time to go above and beyond for us. You have exceed our expectations in big ways, and we cannot thank you enough!
Joseph Breidenbach
I guess you could say that I have been a lot of trouble. I have had a total of three DUI charges in a seven year period. Mr. Breidenbach represented me on the last two. It seems like Mr. Breidenbach works miracles when he goes to court. I will never go to court without him.
Joseph Breidenbach
I got arrested for a DUI and I refused to take the breath test. That was a mistake but Mr. Breidenbach was able to work out a deal where the charges were reduced. I avoided a DUI conviction. I avoided a two year license suspension. Mr. Breidenbach was great.
Joseph Breidenbach
I value his judgment and appreciate his results oriented thinking. I highly recommend him.
Joseph Breidenbach
I was in big trouble. I had been close to retirement but I had lost my job because I could not control my drug and alcohol use. I also had major health problems because of drugs and alcohol. I wanted to die. I thought my situation was hopeless.
On top of all that, I was facing going to jail and/or prison because I had been arrested for a DUI and eventually charged with both DUI and Felony Possession of Hydrocodone. I could barely function. I did not know where to turn or what to do.
With the support and encouragement of my family, we turned to Attorney Joseph A. Breidenbach for help. Now, things are much different. I’m clean and sober. I feel great. Both the DUI and the Felony Drug charges were dismissed.
I could not have done this without Joe. He was great.