The MAXIMUM PENALTY for the first offense for a DUI or Physical Control in the State of Washington include:

  • 364 days in jail;
  • a $5,000 fine plus applicable costs, fees and assessments; and
  • 5 years of probation… but that is not all.

If you plead guilty to DUI or Physical Control or if you are found guilty, the Department of Licensing will suspend your driver’s license and the court will require you to:

  • go to jail;
  • pay fines, applicable costs, fees and assessments;
  • be on probation;
  • have an alcohol evaluation;
  • participate in an alcohol education or alcohol treatment program and attend a DUI victims panel;
  • have an ignition interlock system installed in any car that you drive in almost all cases;
  • and
  • have SR-22 Insurance before you can apply for any kind of a driver’s license.