biopicAlthough Joseph Breidenbach has enjoyed representing people on other matters from speeding to murder, the bulk of his current practice is handling DUI’s and other criminal traffic offenses.

He is one of a handful of Washington attorneys who has successfully completed the curriculum used by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in their Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Instructor Certification Course.

He is a four time graduate of the summer training sessions taught by the National College for DUI Defense in Cambridge, Massachusetts and after more than 25 years of representing the people of the state of Washington he has earned the nickname of DUI Joe.

Although most of his clients and cases have been in the Seattle and King County area, he has represented people in more than 70 different courts in Washington from Long Beach to Bellingham and from Ocean Shores to Ritzville.

He has served as a pro tem judge in four different courts and has done a great deal of public speaking on the subject of DUI law and DUI investigations.

Joseph Breidenbach is also known as “Dui Joe” a nickname he has earned for the tenacity of his defense.

dui joe